When I tore my lateral meniscus, I had absolutely no idea what to do or where to go, especially being that medical protocol in general, was completely out my comfort some. It was one of the lowest points in my life and I lost a lot of confidence in myself and my ability. Muscle atrophy is a scary thing, you watch your body become weak and subsequently you start to feel weak mentally. I was not able to get into bed, climb stairs, drive or even walk by myself and it was super disheartening.


With a little guidance, I had been to 3 different orthopedic surgeons for their opinions on whether surgery was necessary or not. With split feedback, and concern for the operational implications, I took the road less traveled and decided I would do anything else to fix my knee.


Michaela came into my life at just that moment, the perfect moment. We started off with the most basic exercises and stretches which at the time seemed simple but were challenging for my weak knee and muscles. Exercise after exercise and the world of encouragement, I started being able to do simple things, like walking correctly, driving, climbing up stairs. My body became resilient because I became resilient, all because my biokineticist believed in me and supported me every 'bend' of the way.


I chose the route of treating my injury as naturally as possible, which means that I need to keep active, to this day, Michaela still provides me with that support with the same enthusiasm to keep me strong, I'm so inspired by how capable our bodies are when our minds are in the right space. Michaela motivated me and understood me in my times of mental weakness or laziness, she never made me feel bad for any bumps along the journey, but encouraged me to keep going. The results speak for themselves!


I have such a deep appreciation for the simple functioning of my body and I'm excited for every Zoom call or visit to Michaela's practice. She brought me out of my mental and physical injury with her wealth of kinetic knowledge and unending care and support.

- Marianna