Plank Trio

Welcome to the first edition of WEEKEND WORKOUTS.

Every Friday, a short workout will be posted. Try it out and leave a comment below!

3 rounds of:

60 second plank

60 second spiderman plank

60 second plank and arm reach

60 second recovery

Total time: 12 minutes

When performing a plank, try get in front a mirror so that you can keep and eye on your posture.

Your body needs to be straight and stable! Keep your chin tucked in, engaged core and glutes. If these exercises are a bit tough, you can always perform the plank from your knees until you are strong enough to progress.

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These exercises should not be performed if you have concerns about your health and safety. Contact your healthcare provider before starting any form of physical activity or if you require any more information. Michaela Kapareliotis will not be held liable for any injury or damage.